All Roads Lead To​.​.​.

by Buzzard

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Our debut album containing 11 original material songs and one remix bonus track.


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released April 5, 2014

James Croutear - Guitar / Vocals
Andy Vernon - Bass / Vocals
Gavin Davies - Drums

All music and lyrics written, recorded and produced by Buzzard.
Mixed and mastered by James Croutear
Artwork by Andy Vernon

I Despair remix by Small Paul


all rights reserved



Buzzard Birmingham, UK

A Hard Rock Power Trio from the home of Metal in the Black Country, UK.
Buzzard seamlessly blur the boundary’s of Classic Rock, Grunge, Punk and soft Metal,
giving them a unique sound all of their own, and are most notably influenced by bands such as ACDC, Nirvana,
The Sex Pistols, Motorhead and Black Sabbath....
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Track Name: Rat Race
As soon as your born you step into line
to compete in the race of life
but watch yourself along the way
its a dog eat dog world every step of the way

Were living in a rat race
and there's nowhere to hide

Are you gonna grow up wrong or right
is that really something that fate decides
but hey I guess that's life
you either get all the attention or your pushed to one side
Track Name: Pieces
Wherever you go
Im watching you
You spin my mind round and round
I cant take my eyes off you

Your so delicate
Yet so beautiful
My mind breaks down the things that
make up you

I see you in pieces

No I can never face it
Ill never accept the truth
That you never wanted me
as much as I always wanted you
ill follow you to the edge of space
till the end of time
until you finally realize
your mine

Your so delicate
yet so beautiful
if you don't want me
then no one shall have you

I see you scattered around all over the place
that scared look still on your face
and the last thing to say before you die
is always the reason why
Track Name: Sore Looser
You think you know it all
you think you've sussed me out
go ahead keep on thinking im weak
one day ill show you all

Now ive got a reason, now ive got a reason
to show you what I am
now ive got a reason, now ive got a reason yeah
and now ive got a reason, now ive got a reason
to show you that I can
now ive got a reason, now ive got a reason yeah

Your the eval accuser
your the eval abuser
your the big sore looser tonight

Im sick of all your bullshit
im sick of all your lies
im done trying to reason with you
I see through your disguise

Now ive got a reason, now ive got a reason
to expose who you are
now ive got a reason, now ive got a reason yeah
and now ive got a reason, now ive got a reason
to show you that I can
now ive got a reason, now ive got a reason yeah
Track Name: I Despair
I suffer from depression but you think im lame
you've already judged me but you don't know my name
my life is pretty fucked up and I think your to blame
im feeling pretty shit and have a low self esteem

Life is pretty fucked up and its time to get out of here
life is pretty fucked up and I want to get out of here
life is pretty fucked up and ive got to get out of here now

I play the fucking game and yet I loose
i don't want to live cuz I don't like the rules
good people suffer and get treated like fools
we could make a change but we don't have the balls

Life is looking up now I shut you out
all you can do is just scream and shout
im not fucking listening now ive blocked you out
cuz life is looking up now ive shut you out
Track Name: Saturday Night TV
Saturday night we were king of the skies
but now all flights are grounded
now we live life stuck inside
brainwashed in the masses
I cant take this shit no more
its driving me insane
dust of your toys, round up the boys
its time to make some noise

Saturday night TV
not the place I wanna be
pick up your guitar and grab your drums
were bringing rock back to the streets

Load on up and head to town
spread the word, its going down
were coming in hot so don't mess around
head on inside and set up the sound
were doing it for rock, were doing it for roll
destroy all its enemies and save its soul
so get off your arse and come on down
enjoy the party, embrace the sound

were bringing rock back to the street
pick up your guitar and grab your drums
were bringing rock back to-the street
Track Name: Shoe String Band
Well there's plenty of soul for you to sell
when your playing in the depths of hell
sucked out of you through their staring eyes
you could get some applause
or see the bottles fly

When your playing in a rocking band
and your buzzing all across the land
sometimes you win some
sometimes you loose some yeah
life aint so easy playing in a shoestring band

Aint got no bouncer to watch your back
when you cross the wrong side of the tracks
aint got no roadies on those cold late nights
your throats all fucked and you cant sing
you just broke another string
Track Name: Manufactured Plastic Dolls
Musics a feeling not just a theory
get rich fast or drift in poverty
preach the truth or be made of lies
its time to figure out who you are
pick your side

Are you a manufactured plastic doll
or a rock and roll star
do you need someone to push you in the closet
when your no longer popular
or do you burn on your own

All lined up the hopeful stars to be
to appear on the saturday tv
a quick chance of success what you got to loose
no need to bother paying your dues

burn it down

I aint no manufactured plastic doll
i am a rock and roll star
i dont need someone to push me in the closet
when im no longer popular
ill burn out on my own
Track Name: Friends And Foes
Were looking for tomorrow
but were still living in yesterday
hate is a strong word
we all regret it when its too late

take you anger turn it to drive
take your differences put them aside
there's no pints left to make
when we all know whats at stake
though you've flown away tonight
were not giving up the fight
come together as we fly high

All my friends and foes
keep me on my toes
i wont forget, i wont forget, i wont forget

Take plenty of pictures
could be what gets you through
youll stay in my memory
still there to hold me true

All my friends and foes
Track Name: The Line
Im tired of being a puppet
time to go and cut these strings
like a bird of prey
its time to go and spread my wings

You say were not ready for you
I say your not ready for me

Just because you've got the power
dont mean you got the right
you think you run this town
you'll never drag me down
we aint going down without no fight
you crossed the line

You can talk the talk
but you dont know a god dam thing
you dont know our story
you dont know where weve bin
Track Name: Stick Around
Gone in the mist with your ego
I still wander where did you go
no call or text to even say
you just took the cowards way

I bet you wish that you stuck around
now you know how shit turned out
you left us in our all time low
now your the one whos alone

Weve had our ups and downs
weve had our fights
but were still here rocking tonight
born to loose against it all
we rose from the fire never to fall

Now your the one who is alone
Track Name: No Quit
Throw your sticks down
kick your drums around
your way out of here
throw your axe down
smash it on the ground
youve had enough of this shit

What can I say
any sane man would just walk away
but something in my mind keeps me pushing on

There aint no quit
get back i line
there aint no quit
not this time oh yeah

Spreading lies around
spreads the word around
your out of the game
too faced clowns
only ever around
when theyve got something to gain

You better look over your shoulder
when your talking us down
you may think its all over
but now were back in town

Rocking at the Barge
where we started from
its good to be home again
reaching for the top
never gonna stop
keep on rocking oh yeah

You think you can just slither back in
you left us hanging dry
go fuck yourself
and bye bye bitch bye bye
Track Name: I Despair (Small Paul Remix)
See original version

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